How much money would Qatar earn from the 2022 World Cup?

alt Jul, 30 2023

The Financial Rollercoaster: Unearthing the Economics of 2022 World Cup in Qatar

As my poodle Snickers snores softly by my feet, and my hamster Buttons spins in a frenzy on his wheel – I can't help but reflect on the notion of revenue in global sporting events. If you thought a world cup was just about a tournament where nations play football to net in the goals, you're only partly right. The goals outside of the stadium, the ones that have a 'currency' nomenclature, weigh just as heavy.

The topic we will dig into today is the 2022 World Cup held in Qatar, and football aside, what it has done for Qatar from an economic standpoint. Not your regular kick-about-the-park football, but the World Cup, where the stakes are as high as the Arabian skyscrapers and the returns grotesquely gigantic.

A Grand Gala of Games: The Revenue Streams

Ever wondered about the prime income sources for a World Cup host nation? Well, let me don my storytelling hat while we trace the money trail. It was during the memorable World Cup of 2002, co-hosted by South Korea and Japan when this thought first crossed my mind. A simple hobby blogger, I'd just moved to Perth from Adelaide. The excitement of the World Cup made me ponder the revenues these host countries were raking in.

The main channels of piles of cash coming in include but are not limited to: broadcasting rights, marketing rights, ticketing, and hospitality. Basically, everything you see, be it on TV or in the stadium goes ka-ching! in the host nation's pocket.

World Cup and Broadcast: A Match Made in Heaven

Let's start with broadcasting rights. It's always startled me how much people are willing to pay to have eyes on a game. If we consider the last World Cup, you'd be amazed how many billions were exchanged just for the privilege of airing the matches.

In the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, the broadcasting rights alone had generated an astonishing USD 3 billion, and with the rapidly expanding global audience and the ever-increasing allure of football, the figures for the Qatar World Cup's broadcasting rights were expected to surge even higher.

Brandishing the Brand Power: Marketing Rights

Next up, the revenue spinner - marketing rights. It's wonderful, really, the economic machinations at play. Just like when Snickers gets a new chew toy, he's instantly infatuated with it and anything that it's associated with - his food, his mat, me. Much alike, the World Cup attracts patrons - established global brands eager to place their logos all over anything FIFA related.

For the 2022 Qatar World Cup, corporations from all walks of life threw their hats, and their millions, into the ring. Brand partnerships, endorsements, stadium advertising - the works. Rumour had it; the revenue from the marketing rights for Qatar World Cup tipped the scales at a formidable USD 1.6 billion!

Gateway to Gold: Ticketing and Hospitality

Picture this - you're selling tickets to arguably the greatest show on Earth. Football fans, streaming in from every corner of the globe, desperate to grab any available seat to witness their idols in action. The revenue from ticket sales for Qatar must've been hitting the roof, and I'd wager it would be somewhere north of USD 600 million.

Then there's the hospitality sector, pouncing on the influx of tourists. Overpriced strawberry daiquiris, high-end souvenirs, and outrageously priced hotel rooms - the fans splurge on all in the giddy carnival of World Cup.

Wrapping up the World Cup: The Finale Wallet

The estimated total revenue? A solid jaw-dropping USD 6.1 billion! That's right, the 2022 Qatar World Cup probably made Qatar richer to the tune of billions. But let’s not forget the monumental expense of hosting such a grand event. With an unprecedented amount invested in infrastructure and preparations, the net profit wouldn’t be as astronomical.

The sun sets on my lovely Perth as I wrap this up, Snickers and Buttons scamper around the room, I wonder if they were in theory, a country, and with that figure, where would they stand? Excessive spending on dog biscuits and hamster wheels aside, they'd be quite well off, judging by the looks of their joyous scampering.